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  Lecture 18. Dismiss Keyboard and Show Authentication Progress.

Homework to Make Sense of The Lecture and Dig Deeper

Exercise 1.

Dismiss keyboard

Instead of letting the view to force the first responder to give up its status, we can manually do so. How to do that? Hint: you can let a text field give up its status by calling textField.resignFirstResponder().

Exercise 2.

Dismiss keyboard - continued

Suppose you want to split up the sign in process by verifying valid emails before letting users input their passwords. Suppose your email screen has only one text field for email, and a Next button.

(a) How to make this Next button dismiss the keyboard then switch view after the input email was verified?

(b) How to make the keyboard for the password text field automatically show up after the app switched to the password view? Hint: Exercise 7 of Lecture 15 might be useful here.

Exercise 3.


Around 04:55 in the lecture, in the Sign in View Controller, comment out both the ProgressHUD.showSuccess() and ProgressHUD.showError() methods and test the app. What do you see?

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